Let’s Talk About Our Vaginas

Did my blog post title make you wince a bit? Do you get a bit embarrassed talking about your vagina? Because 40% of women recently polled by Vagisil admitted that they hate the word and 4 in 10 said they have never talked about their ‘intimate health’.

But really, when you think about it, why is this part of our body any different to our elbow or little toe? OK so it’s involved in sex and reproduction, but really, it’s just flesh. Aren’t we all grown up enough to talk about vaginas and intimate health properly? Especially those of us who have given birth. I remember lying in the hospital bed after giving birth, legs up and in stirrups, with nurses and doctors having a good old look at my vagina, trying to decide whether I’d need regular stitches or whether I’d need to go into surgery, to repair the (*crosses legs while typing*) tearing, and my main thought was: They could start selling tickets to tourists to come in and have a look, and I wouldn’t actually care! So many people had had a rummage and a poke by that point, that any embarrassment I might have felt, had vanished.

Vagisil’s Let’s Do Something campaign is all about removing the taboo around the vagina and encouraging women to be confident about speaking up when they think they might have a problem.  More than half of the women that Vagisil spoke to said that they’d be too embarrassed to ask for help from a pharmacist or GP if they thought they had a problem. And nearly a quarter admitted they’ve never properly looked at their vagina.

So why have Vagisil started the Let’s Do Something campaign? They have over 40 years of global experience and expertise in the intimate health category and they want to encourage women to be proactive and preventative with their intimate health.

Vagisil have a new range of intimate treatment and daily care products which are specifically designed to look after the health of your intimate area. We all take care of our face and body using special lotions, washes and creams; just like the rest of our body, our intimate skin benefits from special attention too.

Check out their website for advice and tips, and if you think you have an intimate health issue, go and see your GP or pharmacist.

This post was commissioned and sponsored by Vagisil – for information on how I work with brands, visit my Work With Me page.


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