Podcast #01: The Unmumsy Mum on Friendship

It’s here! Episode 1 of Not Another Mummy Podcast! I’m ridiculously excited to be sharing this with you, after months of plotting and planning (and, well, working out HOW on earth to record and release a podcast!)

The podcast series will see me interview a range of mums (and dads) and in episode 1, I chat to Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum – as well as being a superstar blogger and author, Sarah is an ambassador for Mummy Social, a website which connects mums online and in real life. So we chatted about mum friendships – why they’re SO important, how hard they can be to form when you’re a sleep deprived new mum, school gate mums – the lot!

We also caught up about Sarah’s recently announced pregnancy and how she’s feeling about becoming a mum of three.

Listen by hitting ‘play’! Subscribe on iTunes! And if you want to be really nice, rate and review it over on iTunes too. In episode 2, I’m chatting to Erica Davies from The Edited on identity and style.


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