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It’s funny – some people call this a parenting blog, but I don’t actually talk about parenting a lot. Like, actual parenting. I talk about being a parent but not about actual parenting. There are enough websites and books out there, that do that, if you ask me.

But my lovely friend Charlotte tweeted me a link to a video she’d made today, and I watched it. Apart from thinking ‘Awesome lippy’ and ‘Love the autumnal chic’, I loved watching her chat about her thoughts on a few parenting issues. Then she tagged me, meaning I had to make my own video answering the same questions as she did.

So the questions are….

1. Your kid is refusing to eat dinner, do you stand your ground and demand they eat what you made or make something else?

2. Your kid has a melt-down at the store; nothing is working to calm them. Do you leave & come back another time or grit your teeth and finish shopping?

3. Your kid gets too many toys for their birthday. Do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?

5. You have an appointment and no babysitter. Do you bring them with you or reschedule?

6. You have 20 minutes until unexpected company arrives. Do you rush to clean up your messy house, or just figure- “hey, it’s OK. I’ve got kids!”

7. You’re running late & only have time to do your hair or make up. Which do you choose?

8. You’re at the park and another child pushes yours. Do you intervene and correct them or go find the child’s parent?

So want to know what I think about all that? Watch my video…


I’ve tagged Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 and the lovely Kiran from Mummy Says… but what do you think about these parenting issues?


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  1. November 3, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    Thank you for the tag! I love these questions. There’s a few I could answer immediately, but I’m a bit stuck on the park one… think it might depend on my mood… or, actually…. in fact – I’ll have a proper think and do the vlog! Love your answers – and your beautiful flowers and glam lippy too! x

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