Podcast: Olivia Dickinson & Lyndsay Gardner On Whether TV Is Making Our Kids Prejudiced

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When you’re watching TV with your kids, do you take notice of how many people on the screen are Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, LGBT, working class or disabled? Often we’re so grateful for the ten minutes of quiet, to drink a cup of tea, we’re more likely to zone out of what’s on the screen.

But my guests on this episode – children’s digital media expert Olivia Dickinson and Lyndsay Gardner, mum of two in a same sex family – say it’s more important than ever that we sit up and pay attention. A 2019 report by Hopster found that top preschool TV shows poorly represented disability, LGBT, the working class and had high rates of gender stereotyping, pushing Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic characters into the background.

Olivia chats to me about why it’s so important that all kids see themselves represented on TV programmes and Lyndsay explains her worries that her daughters don’t see any LGBT families in the shows they watch. We discuss why representation is still a problem and what we, as parents, can do to balance things off.

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