Podcast: Nicola Lewis on Getting Organised in the New Year

Happy new year everyone! If you’re in the mood to start 2022 with an organised, fresh approach then this episode is for you. I feel so inspired after my chat with Nicola Lewis – aka This Girl Can Organise. I’m going to declutter and get organised after hearing all of her brilliant tips.

If you’re not already familiar with Nicola, she can be found offering hints/tips and practical real life solutions on keeping organised on social media as well as providing a home decluttering and organising service to people all over the UK. She is also the author of Mind Over Clutter: Cleaning Your Way to a Calm and Happy Home.

On this episode, Nicola shares all of her brilliant new year organisation tips – from fridges to wardrobes to that Monica cupboard you might use as a dumping ground. 

You can find her online on Instagram and you can check out her book Mind Over Clutter here.

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