Podcast: Meg Mathews On Navigating The Menopause

We’re still not talking about the menopause enough. It’s something I didn’t know much about until recently (after all, it happens to older women, right?) but when, at 41, I started having perimenopausal symptoms I started to read up on it. And with approximately 13 million women in the UK going through menopause and life expectancy for women increasing, we all need to be educated about our options to optimise our future health. 

So it’s brilliant to have my guest today – Meg Mathews – on the podcast. As an advocate for the menopause, in 2018 she founded MegsMenopause.com – a platform dedicated to breaking the stigma around the menopause and supporting and informing women. Meg holds menopause roadshows and high-profile talks around the country and launched a range of intimate products in 2019 and the MegsMenopause app creating a global community helping women navigate their menopause on the go. Meg’s book The New Hot is a no-holds-barred guide to menopause, full of Meg’s personal insights as well as the latest information, case histories and advice from a wide range of menopause and lifestyle experts.

On this episode, Meg talks about her own experience of menopause, why she’s a huge fan of HRT, how to approach the conversation with your GP and much more. It’s worth a listen whether you’re going through the menopause already or not.

You can buy The New Hot now, check out MegsMenopause and follow her on Instagram.

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