Podcast: Jess Jones on Tokophobia

It’s probably fair to say that most women, when they’re pregnant, are a bit apprehensive about the birth. I know I was! Especially when it’s your first pregnancy, it’s totally normal to feel worried or even a bit scared about what childbirth will be like.

But my guest on this episode – blogger and comedian Jess Jones aka The Fat Funny One – developed such a fear of giving birth, during her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Tokophobia.

Tokophobia is an irrational and extreme fear of childbirth, and although it’s a very rare mental health condition, it can leave sufferers reluctant to get pregnant, or if – like Jess – they’re pregnant when it develops, it can result in panic attacks, anxiety and more.

Jess talks to me about what it feels like, how it manifested itself and how she approached subsequent pregnancies in a way that tackled the Tokophobia.

You can find out more about Tokophobia herefollow Jess on Instagram and buy tickets for her comedy tour. We talk about The Positive Birth CompanyMilli Hill and Mars Lord in the episode.

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