Podcast: Emily Leary on Getting Your Kids To Eat Anything

If you could wave a magic wand and get your kids to eat anything, would you use it? I would! And while my guest on this episode of the podcast, Emily Leary, doesn’t have a wand (booo) she has created a 5-step plan to get your kids to eat anything and she has very helpfully put it all in a book for us to buy and follow.

She reckons she can get your children from beige food fans to eating different flavours and textures in no time, and she explains a bit about the phases in her programme and how they can be a recipe for success (geddit?).

She also talks about why kids so often struggle with new foods and why meal planning and getting your children into the kitchen can make all the difference. This episode is a must for parents of kids who (like my eldest!) turns their nose up at lots of food.

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