Podcast: Candice Brathwaite On Black British Motherhood

My guest on this episode is Candice Brathwaite, mum of two and author of the Sunday Times Bestselling book I Am Not Your Baby Mother which has been described as a “thought-provoking, urgent and inspirational guide to life as a black mother”. In it, Candice writes about her experiences growing up in South London and shares her story of motherhood so far. She challenges the stereotypical version of motherhood that we see in the British media, pointing out that it’s wholly unrepresentative of our society at large.

During our chat, Candice talks about what it’s like to live with daily racial micro-aggressions, how a friend warned her to be extra nice to the midwives when she was giving birth just to ensure she got a basic level of care and how she’s raising her kids, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate what is still undoubtedly a racist world. It’s a valuable insight into what it’s like to be a black mother in Britain today.

You can buy I Am Not Your Baby Mother and follow Candice on Instagram. You can find Make Motherhood Diverse on Instagram too.

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