Podcast #21: Helen Thorn (Scummy Mummies) On Body Confidence

Anyone else get totally fed up with being encouraged to eat, drink and be merry all December and then told they have to diet and go to the gym as soon as we hit January 1st? It makes me really cross – the guilt that’s laid on us for daring to enjoy ourselves at Christmas and the messages everywhere that we have to lose weight and be slimmer is so damaging.

I’ve chatted lots about my feelings on body confidence on social media and my blog, so I thought it was really important to cover the issue here on the podcast. When I thought about who would be the perfect guest to have on, my mind kept coming back to one person: Helen Thorn. As one half of the comedy duo The Scummy Mummies, Helen wears a skin-tight gold catsuit on stage, and she recently started another Instagram account – Helen Wears A Size 18 – where she shows how fab she looks in various outfits. It’s such a positive, inspiring account but also very real at the same time. So Helen and I got together and chatted about why she’s so confident, how size 18 doesn’t have to be something people try to slim down from and what fashion brands can do to be more inclusive of all sizes.

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