Podcast #14: Michelle Kennedy On Mum Guilt

How many times each day do you reckon you feel guilty? Me: 427. At least. Mum guilt is a very specific type of guilt that can overwhelm you and eat you up inside. And it often starts when you’re giving birth, and feel guilty about the circumstances (which is crazy, when you think about it.)

So I wanted to chat to this week’s guest, Michelle Kennedy about mum guilt. Michelle is one of those very clever women who has insightful things to say about motherhood. As the founder of Peanut, the app that allows mums to find likeminded mums in their area, she is a huge supporter of women.

So let’s try to ditch the guilt, and I suggest you start by taking half an hour to yourself to listen to this episode!

Listen below, or over on iTunes –┬áhope you enjoy!

Music: Epidemic Sound


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