Podcast #13: Amy Ransom On Post-Natal Depression

Mental health is a topic that’s so important to discuss – and it’s something I talk about a lot – so I’ve wanted to do an episode on post-natal depression since I launched the podcast, back in the summer. Amy Ransom is the perfect person to talk about it because she’s been very open about her experience with PND and how it actually led to her starting her blog – Surviving Motherhood – and having her first (brilliant) book published.

The New Mum’s Notebook (published by Penguin) is a journal for new mums and has loads of supportive advice throughout it, so it’s an ideal gift for new mums. During our chat, Amy shares lots of wise nuggets of advice on life and motherhood, so it’s a great listen for everyone, not just people who’ve been through PND. I left our chat feeling really inspired, so hopefully you’ll feel that, too, when you listen.

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