Planning The Ultimate Home Makeover

805I’ve recently reignited my love affair with Pinterest, and it’s no coincidence that it’s happened at the same time that I’m planning a few changes in our home. It’s such an amazing place to get inspiration and ideas – even if it’s things you would never dare do, like painting a wall pink or buying a leopard print sofa (although…..)

The biggest thing on my to do list is moving my home office area into a new room – into our guest bedroom. I’ll be buying a sofa bed for that room so that guests still have somewhere to sleep, but most of the time, it will be an office for me to work in. I have so many ideas for making the room look and feel brilliant, and it’ll be a great place for me to safely store photography equipment and props, away from small hands (“Mummy, can I put stickers all over this big piece of white card?” said the five-year-old yesterday, eyeing up a mount board I use as a reflector….)

Downstairs, we’re long overdue a new kitchen table and chairs (our current set was bought for £90 from IKEA 11 years ago, so I think we’ve got our money’s worth out of it!). Our kitchen table sits right at the back of our kitchen, by our French doors, so it’s a really bright place to sit. In an ideal world, we’d have some panoramic doors fitted, to really make our garden feel like an extension of the kitchen but I think we’re a long way off that, at the moment.

One of my favourite parts of our house is my front door – I believe it’s the original Victorian door, from when the house was built and it has gorgeous stained glass panels in it. I keep passing brightly coloured entrance doors and toying with the idea of painting our door yellow or red (it’s currently black) but I might have to convince Mr P on that one…

One paint job we have been doing, though, is using Annie Sloan on our old wooden blinds. We’ve had the blinds since we moved into the house 6 years ago (I think they were actually left by the previous owner) and while the dream is to have white wooden shutters fitted, we’re making do with what we have and we’re in the process of painting them white.

Our windows are double glazed, but living in a Victorian terrace, it can still get quite drafty. I’ve been thinking about triple glazing and think if we ever have new windows fitted, we’ll investigate it further.

We’ve just given our bathroom a mini makeover – we spent just £29 on new bright accessories, and you’ll be able to see the before and after over on interiors site ROOST soon!

What are your plans for your home, this year?

This post has been commissioned by Andy Glass, K Glazing and Turkington, who asked me to share my home makeover plans. For details of how I work with brands, see my Work With Me page. Image: DTTSP.


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