Our Favourite Children’s Book

Like most parents of three-year-olds, we get through a lot of book reading each week. My current favourite book to read at bedtime is Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!
by Julia Donaldson – it allows me to put on my very best scary ghost voice and my daughter LOVES to make the “Oooooh!” noise with me. Her number one favourite book, however is The Gruffalo also by Julia Donaldson) and we read it at least once a week. We don’t even need the book, now, we both know it off by heart.

What is it about The Gruffalo that kids and parents love so much? It could be that the mouse (the underdog) outwits the three ‘baddies’ (the snake, the fox and the owl) and the Gruffalo that appeals to me. For my three-year-old, I think it’s the repetition of the story she loves – each time the mouse meets a creature, the conversation is similar, with a few key differences. And of course, when we watch the animation of the book, with the haunting music and fantastic voice acting, it brings it all to life in such a magical way. I get goosebumps every time I hear the opening music.

Our favourite part of the book is when the mouse comes face to face (or face to foot, since he’s so small) with the Gruffalo…

“What’s a Gruffal – Oh.”

That’s when my daughter puts on her best deep, gruff voice and says: “You’ll taste good on a slice of bread!”

So it seemed obvious that when Heinz asked bloggers to spell out their favourite children’s book quote in Alphabetti pasta, we chose this line. And also! Alphabetti DOES taste good on a slice of bread (well, toast) so it is apt.



I’ve got strong memories of eating Alphabetti as a child. Back then, I had so much fun spelling out my name (oh OK and vaguely rude words like “willy”) and now that my three-year-old is recognising letters and enjoying spelling her name, it’s a fun, quick snack for her. No rude words from her yet, thankfully.

What’s your favourite children’s book at the moment?

Psst! This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Heinz competition to support Children’s Book Week.



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