Our Christmas Day Outfits With Monsoon


What’s your Christmas Morning routine like? Ours goes something like: Wake up at 6am (thanks to the seven-year-old and her ever-present knack of waking early…), go downstairs to see if Father Christmas has been, open our Christmas stockings, have breakfast (“No, you can’t have chocolate until after you’ve had cereal”) and then we open the presents.

We sit around in our PJs (probably the new ones that we got in our Christmas Eve boxes the night before) for a good couple of hours until it’s time to shower and dress – and I’m a big fan of dressing up on Christmas Day. It’s the perfect day to wear a nice frock, some sparkle, your best shoes. There’s something psychological about wearing your ‘Sunday best’ that just makes you feel good, and makes the day feel more special, isn’t there?

But it’s not just as easy as slinging on your glitziest, most glam outfit. There are some serious considerations to make. Because, as I’m sure you’ll agree: COMFORT IS KEY. I don’t want scratchy sequins annoying me all day, I don’t want towering heels to totter around on, I don’t want anything too chunky/hot when I’m going to be cooking/rushing around in the kitchen, and I don’t want to wear anything too tight on a day when, let’s face it, I’m going to be eating turkey and Cadbury Roses for Britain.

So these Monsoon outfits are perfect for Christmas Day – they tick the ‘dressing up’ box and the ‘comfort’ box.

This boho floral dress is super comfy to wear, a bit roomy around the middle (perfect for later in the day when I’m feeling/looking a bit stuffed) and BONUS it’s one of those frocks that you can just wash, hang up and wear without ironing! The holy grail! The tan chelsea boots are ideal too – comfortable but the brogue look makes them look smart.

The seven-year-old loves sparkle, and she LOVES those two-way sequins that change colour when you flip them, so this sweatshirt dress is right up her street. OK, so she constantly plays with the sequins when she’s wearing it, but you’re only young once, right?

She’s also a bit obsessed with these pretty heart tights – she wants to wear them every day, with every outfit. And as someone who was only allowed cheapo trainers from Woolworths, as a child, I am thrilled to be able to live out my sparkly trainer dreams via my child. She’s more than happy for this to happen, too, thankfully. Look at the velvety ribbon laces! *heart eyes*

So if you’re on the look out for some last minute Christmas Day outfit ideas – I heartily recommend you take a wander into your nearest Monsoon, or check them out online.

This post was commissioned by Monsoon – and I’ve written a couple of posts for their blog which you can check out here – but as always all views are my own. For details of how I work with brands, see my Work With Me page.


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