Christmas Biscuit Baking with BKD

I’m terrible at baking. Like REALLY bad. I always put in too much flour, or not enough butter and the result is usually cake mix or biscuit dough that’s too dry or too moist and it ends up a bit of a disaster.

But two things I’m really GOOD at are: a) Giving things a go because it’s fun b) Christmas activities.

So with that in mind, a few weeks ago, the five year old and I spent an afternoon making Christmas biscuits with a BKD biscuit baking kit. And it was a lot of fun.


The kit comes in a cool black and white tube, with a packet of biscuit mix, icing, three edible ink pens, a biscuit cutter and instructions. The instructions have cute little illustrations on them, and lots of ideas of designs you can copy, when you get to the decorating stage.

So we got to it, and followed the instructions to make the biscuits…

The instructions were really easy to follow. Our biscuit dough didn’t turn out exactly right – it was really soft and sticky, so cutting the biscuits out was near-impossible… but this is probably says far more about my skills and attention to detail than it does about the kit!

We did it though! Here are our finished biscuits – what do you think? (In case you’re wondering: “Der fuverisms” means “Dear Father Christmas”… it’s how the five-year-old spelt it – kind of – phonetically when she was writing a Christmas list at school!)

I’d totally recommend the BKD kits – they’re the perfect present for a baking fan! The Graffiti Biscuit Baking Kit is £19.99 and there are lots of others, from gingerbread men kits (£9.99) to Monster Cupcake Kits (£19.99). You can buy them on BKD’s site or in Fenwick’s and Harvey Nichols.

BKD Mini Baking Kits

Thanks to BKD for sending us this baking kit, for the purpose of this post – all views are my own, as always!


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