Bonus Podcast Episode: Identifying & Avoiding Scams and Fraud with Take Five


A recent Mumsnet survey revealed that 49% of mums are worried about fraud, and if you’re anything like me, you will regularly receive emails and texts from people pretending to be your bank, mobile phone provider or a lottery company telling you you’ve won £12million! So it’s something we all need to be aware of, and over the next few months I’m working with Take Five, a national campaign backed by the government and Financial Fraud Action UK. I’ll be talking about the different ways to spot scams and how we can protect ourselves, and our money.

In this bonus episode, which is brought to you with Take Five, I chat to three mums – Romeca, Franca and Megan – about fraud prevention. I test their knowledge, to see if they’re as savvy as they think they are, and they share their own fears and experiences.

Click play below, to listen, and you can subscribe over on Apple Podcasts or Acast. For more information and advice on fraud prevention, head to the Take Five website:

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