6 Ways To Have A Low-key, Stress-free Christmas This Year

It’s 2020 and we’ve all had A BIT OF A YEAR. We still don’t know what Christmas is going to look like for us – will we be able to see extended family? Even if we are allowed to, will we want to see them or should we just stay away to keep them safe?

So with all of this added stress, the last thing we need is to put more pressure on ourselves to have the most amazing, magical, Christmas ever. If there was ever a year for simplifying things and going a bit low-key, it’s 2020.

  1. Ask yourself: do we really need matching PJs? Or will the PJs we’ve got be fine (I think we both know the answer…) I found myself getting a bit stressed the other day because I’d convinced myself we HAD to get matching pyjamas for Christmas and they’d probably be sold out and then I found some that were around £25 a pair and…. I stopped. We don’t need matching PJs.
  2. Do Secret Santa! Agree with relatives to pull names out of a hat so you’re only buying one gift, rather than getting stressed doing Christmas shopping online for lots of people this year.
  3. Or give them an IOU for a day out. When we’re allowed to mix and go on days out again, plan a nice day out – it’s what we all really miss and want, after all! Not more bath bombs and candles.
  4. Get turkey pizzas in your freezer in case supermarket queues are too long or you can’t get an online delivery.  Yes, it’s nice to have Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but… will the world end if you don’t have it on December 25th? You could always let the kids decide on their favourite meal and cook that as special treat. Pesto pasta, anyone?
  5. Get a tin of Quality Street per person so there’s no fights over who gets the best ones (coffee creams if you ask me).
  6. Watch back to back Christmas movies. No driving around relatives’ homes to see everyone, so we’ll have more time on our hands. Christmas move marathon! On my list are: Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Arthur Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Christmas Chronicles, Nativity, Miracle on 34th Street. What’s on yours?

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  1. November 21, 2020 / 10:40 pm

    I am not bothering with matching pj’s this year. I did find myself stressing over it the other day too. Instagram infulencers have a lot to answer for. lol
    We’ve already decided that my family is just buying for the kids, well those under 20 years old. It had taken that stress away.
    Getting a tin of Quality Street each is just genius! Why haven’t I thought of that before. The strawberry one is my favourite x

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