5 Brilliant Women To Follow On Twitter

It’s International Women’s Day. Actually, by the time you read this, International Women’s Day will nearly be over – I’ve been planning to write this post for a few days now, and in an ideal world, I’d have written it yesterday and scheduled it to go live at 6am today but because I’m a working mum who juggles deadlines, school runs, laundry, homework, grocery shopping and boring yet necessary admin, I ran out of time.

But this is a post that I’m finding the time to write. Because in amongst all of the day to day balancing act that along with so many of you, I perform (“It’s school photos day tomorrow? Quick, iron that uniform and give that fringe a quick trim!”) there are moments when I dip into Twitter and feel inspired or challenged or motivated or educated by other women. Smart women who aren’t afraid to speak out, funny women who raise a smile, women who share thought-provoking articles that I otherwise wouldn’t have found.

It adds an extra layer to my day and keeps a fire in my belly alight. Does that sound horribly cheesy? Well sometimes things are too important to sound cool.

So here are five women who I love following on Twitter in case following them adds an extra layer to your day…

1. Jess Phillips MP @jessphillips – Since seeing the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley speak at a Mumsnet conference last year, she has been one of my favourite people. You know those people who call a spade a spade? She is a true supporter of, not only women, but fairness. Her book Everywoman:One Woman’s Truth About Speaking The Truth came out in February and it’s on my must-buy list. Plus, any woman who goads Piers Morgan is worth following…

2. Emma Gannon @emmagannon – I first came across Emma when I worked on more! magazine (RIP) and we held a contest where we asked readers who had blogs to enter to win a place on the more! Blog Boudoir (terrible name – I take full responsibility for it). Emma was picked (along with the wonderful Charlotte Louise Taylor) and we promoted her posts to more! readers. Realistically (and sadly) I can take no credit in Emma’s rise to success. Now an author (book Ctrl Alt Delete:How I Grew Up Online came out in 2016) and with a successful podcast of the same name, Emma speaks at events and I’m determined to get to one soon, to meet her in person. On Twitter, she is a bit like the unofficial spokesperson for millennials…

3. Sali Hughes @salihughes – One of the things that impresses me so much about Sali is how she has had two successful careers in one – having been a features writer for years, she transitioned to being a hugely successfully beauty journalist and author (her latest book Pretty Iconic hasn’t left my bedside table since I bought it). Thankfully she hasn’t given up writing features. Her columns for The Pool are written with flair and she has a great take on life. On Twitter, she gives good retweet – and by that I mean, she RTs really interesting and thought provoking tweets – as well as her own brilliant writing…

4. Poppy Dinsey @poppyd – Poppy became famous when she basically invented daily outfit shots with her blog What I Wore Today and what I love about her on Twitter is how old school she is. You get a brilliant mix of day to day life observations and funny retweets…

5. Susie Verrill @susiejverrill – I worked with Susie on Look magazine, and despite the fact I’m fairly sure she hated me when we worked together, she made me laugh on a daily basis with her sharp humour and honesty. Now, five years later, she doesn’t hate me anymore (I’m MUCH less of a dick than I used to be – more on that in a future post) and she’s one of my favourites on Twitter. Follow her for funny observations on motherhood and a just a few opinions…

Who are your favourite women to follow on Twitter? Comment below and tell me  – or tweet me at @iamalisonperry!


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  1. March 8, 2017 / 10:22 pm

    Alison I don’t know you at all, but I do admire you very much ! Adding you to my inspiring women list as well as all these amazing women too! Cheers my dear !

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