iPhone apps, supermarket clothes & CBeebies: Gran’s favourite things

Meet my mum. She’s ace. This is her standing in my kitchen.

My mum is constantly amazed and delighted by the advancements in products, help and attitudes when it comes to parenting. So much so, that she sent me this list by email the other day. I thought I would share it.

Gran:  ‘wish I’d had these…’

Ladybird apps on iPhone and iPad – such fun and so easy. Fun for adults as well as babies.

ELC toys- love the colours, designs and sounds. eg Bertie Bee is tops!

Bottle sterilising in microwave- so much easier than water and chemicals.

Baby monitor system- so much more sophisticated now. Wonderful.

Pouches of baby food. Much lighter than the jars of old and resealable for storage.

Baby and toddler clothes in supermarkets- practical, inexpensive, easycare and fun.

Formula in cartons. So easy to transport. Love it.

Nurofen measures for medicine. SO much easier than teaspoons!

White noise apps for iPhone and iPad – White noise bliss. What a great transportable way of settling a baby.

Holder for teats and baby bottle tops for dishwasher. How well designed is that?

CBeebies. Just wonderful.



  1. Expat Mammy
    December 14, 2011 / 10:19 pm

    Cbeebies is a blessing indeed

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