Nadia Shireen for Tootsa MacGinty Penguin Knit: The Coolest Christmas Jumper This Year

With Christmas Jumper Day fast approaching, everyone’s on the hunt for the perfect Christmas jumper. A lovely blogger friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook and said she’d found a jumper that was so bad, she loved it….

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 18.33.46

And finding a really bad taste jumper (although I have to admit, I kind of love this baby reindeer design…) is all part of the fun, but I’ve discovered a PROPERLY COOL Christmas jumper for kids. It’s so cool, it was in Stylist magazine’s Christmas gift list.

People, I give you… the Nadia Shireen for Tootsa Macginty Xmas Jumper. Isn’t it fab?

Nadia Shireen for Tootsa Macginty jumper

Featuring a partying penguin, complete with party hat and horn, it’s made from machine washable, non-itch wool/cashmere and has buttons on one shoulder for easy access and exit. So who is Nadia Shireen? Well, apart from being a lovely lady that I used to work with back in the day, when we both worked on teen magazines, Nadia is the author and illustrator of some kick-ass kids’ books. Both Good Little Wolf and Hey, Presto! are firm favourites in the Perry household, and if you haven’t got them, pop them on your child’s Christmas list.

Nadia has designed this jumper for Tootsa Macginty and 100% of the profits from the sale of the jumper go to Refuge – a hugely important charity that supports thousands of women and children escape from domestic violence and rebuild their lives.

The jumper not only helps women and children in need, but it will raise a few smiles too – who can’t love that partying penguin?

So buy your Nadia Shireen for Tootsa Macginty jumper here and wear it on Christmas Jumper Day on 12th December. You’ll get a double warm charity glow in your heart.

Thanks to Tootsa Macginty for sending me this jumper – I’ve made a donation to Refuge as a thank you.

My Christmas Wishlist

It’s December! We are allowed to officially get excited about Christmas. We picked out a few new decorations today (we’re going for a bright, colourful theme this year) and I even started my Christmas shopping. Get me.

While I was walking around Carnaby Street, Liberty and Covent Garden in London today (humming Driving Home For Christmas natch), I started making a mental Christmas wishlist for myself. I thought I’d share it with you, in case it inspires you when you’re buying for your friends and family. I’M ALL HEART.


1. Cocoon coat J.Crew £350

2. Personalised leather camera strap, NOTHS, £47.50

3. Mark Slojd lamp, Wayfair, £65.99

4. Joby GripTight Gorilla Pod iPhone tripod, Amazon, £16.99

5. iPhone case, $25

6. Smile print, Southwood Stores, £25

7. Hello Apparel sweatshirt, Southwood Stores, £40

8. Storage jars, Hema, from £5


What are you hoping Father Christmas brings you?



Can My Family Rock A Christmas Jumper With Style?

Ah Christmas jumpers. In the last few years, they’ve gone from seriously uncool (Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy anyone?) to ironically cool to… well, have they gone past the point of irony back to uncoolness again?

Or, actually,  is Christmas something that should just never try to be cool? After all, some of my favourite decorations are the tatty old things I’ve had for years and I loved it when my parents put our (crappy) homemade decorations on the tree. Year after year. Until they practically disintegrated.

And when it comes to Christmas jumpers, now that Save The Children have created Christmas Jumper Day (December 12th, fact fans), we have a brilliant reason to wear our festive knits and if anyone dares to scoff at us, we can remind them that’s it’s all for charity. This year, a selection of Christmas jumpers that George at Asda are selling will see a portion of the money go to Save The Children. YAY TO GEORGE AT ASDA.

Here’s how we’ll be rocking our festive knits, come 12th December…


I’ve got this Nordic pastel jumper (£16), and I wore it last week, on a little trip to Columbia Road flower market with the family. It’s kind of a Christmas jumper in disguise – you might miss the festive reindeer if you didn’t look too closely. I wore it with my distressed jeans, chunky boots and a statement necklace.

Christmas jumper chic

Mr P

We’ve gone for another Nordic affair – a navy knit with reindeer and trees (£12) – for Mr P. He usually rocks his jumpers with a pair of loose jeans and tan brogues. Maybe even a shirt underneath, if he’s feeling fancy, like.

Christmas jumper chic

The four-year-old

You can’t go wrong with Rudolph, can you? This jumper (£8) is in the boys’ section at George at Asda, but we have bought it for our daughter, and we’ll team it with her Rudolph leggings and probably her black patent boots (not in shot because she was out wearing them when I took this pic!)

Kids Christmas jumper

So what do you think – will we be rocking our Christmas jumpers in style this year?

• Big thanks to George at Asda who agreed to donate an extra £150 to Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper appeal in Not Another Mummy Blog’s name. You can donate here! And don’t forget to wear your Christmas jumper on 12th December.

Rocking A Pink Lining Bag With No Baby In Sight!


Alison Perry's mum kit in a Pink Lining tote

Back when I was pregnant, and choosing kit for my impending journey into motherhood, I probably focused too much on being a mum to a BABY, rather than thinking about then becoming a mum to a child. What I mean by that is that I bought products that I knew would suit me well for the first year or so. When actually, looking back, I could have (and should have) been buying stuff that I could use for longer.

We bought a sturdy looking pram that eventually turned into a sturdy pushchair – I wish we’d bought a lightweight nippy little pushchair that had a sturdy pram attachment. After all, we used the buggy part of it for far longer than the pram, and we ended up with quite a bulky thing to push around.

When we decorated our then-unborn daughter’s bedroom, we decorated it with a baby in mind, but fast forward four years and it feels like she has outgrown it. I wish I’d thought about this back then and decorated it in a way she could grow into.

And with the change bag I bought, I went for a plastic coated practical and floral number that had a gazillion pockets. It was SO handy when my daughter was a baby, but has long been chucked to the back of the loft where it’s gathering dust. I wish I’d bought a change bag that would have served my needs back then, but could still be used now.

To prove that this is possible, Pink Lining sent me one of their Bramley totes. Now THIS is a bag I wish I’d bought back when I had a baby. It has all the pockets and handy elements you need when you’re heading out with a small baby and need to have ten nappies, four muslins, a bottle of formula, dummies, three changes of clothes, a Sophie La Giraffe toy and your purse, phone and that all important pocket where you can pop your sanity, to ensure you don’t lose it.

But it’s also a super lovely tote bag that can be used for non-baby stuff. Ideal for either popping all the things I need for a day out with my four-year-old (jumper, water bottle, snacks, book) or even for taking on a night away. Tonight, I’m meeting some friends for dinner and then staying overnight in a hotel, and the Bramley tote (£69) is perfect – I can rock it with my red lippy, jeans, sweatshirt and heels at dinner, but still fit in my PJs, toothbrush and change of clothes for tomorrow.

Now that’s a stylish, multi-tasking and future-proof change bag.

Comfortable, stylish outfit with Pink Lining Bramley Tote

Thanks to Pink Lining for commissioning this post and sending me the tote!

The Coolest Mum & Kid Matching PJs

PJs are one of my favourite things in life – there’s something about getting into them after a crappy day that just instantly makes you feel better, isn’t there? We’ve been known to all get home at the end of the day and all three of us get into our PJs. Our four-year-old shares our love… last weekend when we got home from a trip to London at 3pm, she got into her jammies and snuggled up on the sofa to watch TV.

One of her favourite pairs are from The Bright Company – I bought them in the sale at the start of the summer and in fact, they’re still available at £16.

Pyjamas from the Bright Company

They’re such a cool design and so far, they’ve washed really well so it seems like they’re made from a great quality cotton. I just wish us mums could get a pair ourselves…

AND NOW WE CAN *plays fanfare*

This week, The Bright Company have launched Mama Jyms. In a design that matches the Christmas Special kids’ pyjamas (£24), they have a black long-sleeved t-shirt top and a print on the bottoms. At £42 they’re not cheap, but think how HAPPY you would feel in them. At the moment, they come in two sizes –  S (8-10) and a M (12-14) – please pretty please The Bright Company, make some in a larger size so that I can buy a pair!

Mama Jyms from The Bright Company Continue reading