Rocking A Pink Lining Bag With No Baby In Sight!


Alison Perry's mum kit in a Pink Lining tote

Back when I was pregnant, and choosing kit for my impending journey into motherhood, I probably focused too much on being a mum to a BABY, rather than thinking about then becoming a mum to a child. What I mean by that is that I bought products that I knew would suit me well for the first year or so. When actually, looking back, I could have (and should have) been buying stuff that I could use for longer.

We bought a sturdy looking pram that eventually turned into a sturdy pushchair – I wish we’d bought a lightweight nippy little pushchair that had a sturdy pram attachment. After all, we used the buggy part of it for far longer than the pram, and we ended up with quite a bulky thing to push around.

When we decorated our then-unborn daughter’s bedroom, we decorated it with a baby in mind, but fast forward four years and it feels like she has outgrown it. I wish I’d thought about this back then and decorated it in a way she could grow into.

And with the change bag I bought, I went for a plastic coated practical and floral number that had a gazillion pockets. It was SO handy when my daughter was a baby, but has long been chucked to the back of the loft where it’s gathering dust. I wish I’d bought a change bag that would have served my needs back then, but could still be used now.

To prove that this is possible, Pink Lining sent me one of their Bramley totes. Now THIS is a bag I wish I’d bought back when I had a baby. It has all the pockets and handy elements you need when you’re heading out with a small baby and need to have ten nappies, four muslins, a bottle of formula, dummies, three changes of clothes, a Sophie La Giraffe toy and your purse, phone and that all important pocket where you can pop your sanity, to ensure you don’t lose it.

But it’s also a super lovely tote bag that can be used for non-baby stuff. Ideal for either popping all the things I need for a day out with my four-year-old (jumper, water bottle, snacks, book) or even for taking on a night away. Tonight, I’m meeting some friends for dinner and then staying overnight in a hotel, and the Bramley tote (£69) is perfect – I can rock it with my red lippy, jeans, sweatshirt and heels at dinner, but still fit in my PJs, toothbrush and change of clothes for tomorrow.

Now that’s a stylish, multi-tasking and future-proof change bag.

Comfortable, stylish outfit with Pink Lining Bramley Tote

Thanks to Pink Lining for commissioning this post and sending me the tote!

The Coolest Mum & Kid Matching PJs

PJs are one of my favourite things in life – there’s something about getting into them after a crappy day that just instantly makes you feel better, isn’t there? We’ve been known to all get home at the end of the day and all three of us get into our PJs. Our four-year-old shares our love… last weekend when we got home from a trip to London at 3pm, she got into her jammies and snuggled up on the sofa to watch TV.

One of her favourite pairs are from The Bright Company – I bought them in the sale at the start of the summer and in fact, they’re still available at £16.

Pyjamas from the Bright Company

They’re such a cool design and so far, they’ve washed really well so it seems like they’re made from a great quality cotton. I just wish us mums could get a pair ourselves…

AND NOW WE CAN *plays fanfare*

This week, The Bright Company have launched Mama Jyms. In a design that matches the Christmas Special kids’ pyjamas (£24), they have a black long-sleeved t-shirt top and a print on the bottoms. At £42 they’re not cheap, but think how HAPPY you would feel in them. At the moment, they come in two sizes –  S (8-10) and a M (12-14) – please pretty please The Bright Company, make some in a larger size so that I can buy a pair!

Mama Jyms from The Bright Company Continue reading

It Can Suck Being A Grown Up (Alternative Title: All The Pretty Things I Can’t Have)

There are many things that suck about being a grown up… having to work out tax (hurty head), not being able to lie in bed all day watching Sex And The City and having to take the rubbish out (even when it’s raining) are just three of them.

But the thing that sucks the most? Having to pay bills and pay your pay your mortgage rather than spend all your money on PRETTY THINGS. Right now, there are loads of gorgeous buys I have my eye on, but the whole boring being a grown up thing is getting in the way. But still, we can look at the pretty things and dream, right? Here’s what I’m lusting after.

For my four year old, I’m loving this little outfit from the Kate Spade at Gap Kids collection – how cute?

Kate Spade for Gap Kids


And for me, well, there are just so many things, but these beauties have caught my eye recently…

Autumn buys

1/ Marks and Spencer 2/ Boden 3/ Monica Vinader 4/MAC 5/Jo Malone 6/ Topshop

But no, rather than buy any of these lovely things, I’m going to be sensible and pay our bills, the mortgage, the nursery fees and hope we have some left over to save. Hmph. What’s on your autumn wishlist?

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Gorgeous H&M Kidswear And Presents – A Vlog Haul!


So after I enjoyed doing a vlog last week on what motherhood means to me, I’ve done another one!

I’ve been thinking about doing more video for a while, but my lack of skills and knowledge when it comes to filming and editing has so far put me off. But seeing other bloggers like Kate from Wit Wit Woo,  Charlotte from Write Like No One’s Watching and Kiran from Mummy Says get their vlog on – and doing it so well – has inspired me. So I’m teaching myself how to do it all. Hence why my videos are, hmm, basic for now, to say the least. But I will learn how to do better captions, title sequences, music, editing, voiceovers and the like – just you wait.

This vlog is me wittering on about some gorgeous buys from H&M Kids. And apologies, I do say the words “gorgeous” and “cute” a lot. Which is a bit annoying. But then, the stuff I’m showing you IS SO GORGEOUS AND CUTE. So let me off, yeah?

Please let me know what you think – either by liking the video over on YouTube, commenting here, commenting on YouTube …. and if you have any vlogging tips, please share them with me!

New Clarks Winter Boots For Me And The Four-Year-Old

The warm September we’ve had has been just lovely. We spent a day last week on the beach in Essex, sitting on deckchairs and paddling in the sea. In late September! I’ve loved getting a bit more wear out of my Birkenstocks but the one down side (and it’s a serious one I’m sure you’ll agree) to a mild autumn is this:

I want a chance to wear my new boots.

After deliberating for ages over whether to buy biker boots or Chelsea boots, I took the advice of the very stylish Carissa from Little Likely Lads and went for Chelsea boots. She reckons they’ll go with more outfits and I’ll still be wearing them in a few years time, unlike biker boots. Clarks very kindly sent me a pair and they’re currently sitting in the corner of my bedroom, staring at me, just waiting to be worn. They’re a classic black, leather boot and will keep out the rain, while being smart enough for the office and great for weekend family fun too.

Clarks Chelsea Boots

So while I can’t yet wear them, I can plan what I’ll wear them with…

Winter outfit with Clarks Chelsea boots

Zara bag, £29.99 //Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans £34.90 // H&M Sweatshirt, £24.99

Not one to be left out, the four-year-old has some gorgeous new Clarks winter boots of her own. These warm caramel coloured boots have a furry trim and a practical leather toe area with a super cute bunny face.

Super cute rabbit boots for girls

Here’s how she will be wearing them (when it’s cold enough)…

Cute winter outfit for girls - Clarks boots

Little Bird denim skirt, £8 // Little Bird green cardigan, £14 // Gap top, £9.95

Have you bought new boots for the autumn? Is it just me who gets excited about wearing them?!

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