Podcast #17: Izzy Judd on Fertility and IVF

Whether you’ve suffered from fertility problems or not, Izzy Judd’s story is one that is bound to touch you – in her book Dare To Dream, published by Penguin, she talks about the emotional journey she went on, with her husband Harry Judd, to conceive their daughter Lola.

This was a tough podcast episode for me to record, because as someone who’s been through years of secondary infertility, and a recent failed round of IVF, it all felt very close to my heart. But it also felt amazing to be openly chatting about stuff that so many women (and men) go through, yet feel like they can’t discuss through a feeling of shame or failure or just feeling like it’s a very private matter.

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Thanks to Harry for taking the snap of me and Izzy, and for muscling in on the podcast by loudly making a smoothie in the middle of it!

Music: Epidemic Sound


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  1. Lynn
    December 11, 2017 / 11:05 am

    Thank you for this. A tough listen. I felt myself agreeing/shouting yes to a lot of it. I wish you both the very best for whatever the future holds and thanks for “going there” and discussing the undiscussable.

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