#02 Erica Davies On Mum Style & Identity

It’s the second ever episode of Not Another Mummy Podcast (go catch up with Episode 1 featuring The Unmumsy Mum) and my guest is Erica Davies. Erica is a former fashion editor and founder of The Edited, whose mix of high street outfits, decor inspiration and family life chat has captivated thousands – 55,000 to be precise because that’s how many people follow Erica on Instagram.

So I wanted to chat to Erica about how tricky it is when you’re a new mum and you feel like your whole identity shifts a bit – you go from being “you” to being “someone’s mum” and I remember looking in the wardrobe and genuinely thinking “What did I wear again, before I was pregnant?!”

Erica had loads of tips on this – and general chat on being a style influencer (and having a cushion obsession).

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