Argos Baby Goodies Worth £150 To Be Won!

When I was pregnant, I was sent a list of things to buy, from a very helpful friend. I then passed it onto lots of other friends, when they were pregnant. The list was huge (like, massive) and I really worried about missing something on the list, and being caught short without that one thing we needed.

“Argh! Why didn’t we buy a topping and tailing dish!” I imagined myself crying – despite not even knowing what a topping and tailing dish was. And if I’m honest, I’m still not sure what the point of them actually is…

If we have another child (I said IF… don’t you all start with those looks) I’ll be much more relaxed about what we need. I’ll remember the things that were genuinely useful (Bumbo, baby bouncer seat…) and the things that weren’t (cotton wool – I still have rolls and rolls of the stuff, unused in the bathroom cupboard).

Thanks to Argos, I’m giving away three things that are on my ‘genuinely useful’ list. One person will win a lovely wooden swinging crib worth £64.50, an Avent bottle starter kit worth £29.99 and an Avent electric steam steriliser worth £59.99. Woo! When my daughter was a newborn, she would only sleep when being pushed in the pram or rocked. This swinging crib would have been really handy (and the neutral wood is lovely). You can take a look at the cribs here. We used Avent bottles, so I can vouch for them and say how great they are. We had an Avent microwave steam steriliser but this electric version would have been even easier to use.

Win Argos baby products

HOW TO ENTER: For a chance to win this bundle from Argos, comment on this blog post, telling me what the most useful child or baby product you own is, and fill in the Rafflecopter box below. Extra entries can be obtained by following me on Twitter, following on Facebook and tweeting about the giveaway. Good luck!
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Terms and conditions:

- This blog is hosting this giveaway on behalf of Argos and is not responsible for the delivery of the prize.
- Giveaway is open to residents of UK and Ireland.
- The giveaway closes 22/02/14 at midnight GMT.
· The prize is non-refundable, non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered
- A winner will be chosen at random after the closing date from the entrants who have completed the mandatory way of entering – commenting on this blog post. The winner will be contacted by a representative of Argos to arrange for the delivery of the prize within 28 days of the closing date.

Thanks to Argos for working with Not Another Mummy Blog. For details on how I work with brands see my Work With Me page.

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334 thoughts on “Argos Baby Goodies Worth £150 To Be Won!

    • A carrying sling to help baby wind themselves while you do other things …my babies all slept 4 hourly while being carried about!

  1. I’m still pregnant so um….don’t have anything yet. But my first elasticated band skirt for work was amazing after being unable to breathe for 10 weeks.

  2. The Pill! hahaha! So that I can enter competitions like this to win baby things for my grandchildren and friends children, but stick to just the one 21 year old son and get a good nights sleep!

  3. My best friends have been wipes! and jumperoo – She loves it and much better than the previous door frame bouncer we had as she can be in the room with me and keep herself busy when I get some bits done.

  4. The Fisher-Price Jumperoo is so useful! You can move it into the kitchen whilst doing the washing up or pop baby in it for the odd 15 minute ironing or vacuuming session and you can keep an eye on them knowing they’re safe.

  5. My avent breast pump,it helped keep breast feeding while I had cracked nipples without the pain of the baby sucking.also my old avent steam steriliser unfortunately it broke down

  6. Manduca baby carrier has been great, so nice to be close and snuggled up to my daughter plus it’s easier to get in and out of busy shops

  7. I don’t have a little one yet, but we are trying for one atm, i imagine the baby monitors with camera on are great so you can keep an eye on baby when not in the same room :)

  8. It must be baby monitors, it’s the only way you can clean up, have a bath or do anything worry free and safe in the knowledge your little one is alive, breathing and well x

  9. mamas & papas snug, was amazing , never would of managed without it, sat him safely on the table, would recommend to anyone and are lots of different makes xxx

  10. Hand knitted clothing given as gifts. Especially as baby born prematurely. So having some small items which actually fitted him was much appreciated.

  11. My Snuggledundl was a godsend,
    Being able to lift Harry from his moses basket to feed and when he was asleep back again was brilliant. The dragons might have called it a blanket with handles, – I call it genius x

  12. The most useful invention was the baby sleeping bag, in all different togs for summer and winter you and the baby can sleep easy knowing that they are not going to come to any harm but being able to keep warm

  13. Anbesol! Without a doubt, THE best baby product going. Works a dream on teething babies and our little girl has breezed through the whole teething process thanks to it. Will definitely be using it for baby number 2!

  14. With my lil man 10 months old and one on the way ….baby goodies would be a godsent…found the baby monitor brilliant – as you can have peace of mind knowing your lil one is fine :)

  15. My most invaluable baby item is the Cuddledry baby towel; especially when my baby was very young, trying to keep hold of a wriggly baby and wrap them in the towel to keep them warm was difficult before I got this, which I received as a gift. I would recommend it to all new mums.

  16. My brother and his new wife have found out they are expecting their first baby due this Summer! My brother has been the most generous person ever and I would love to return the favour! :)

  17. Every item I own that is for my son is very useful in its own way! I couldnt pick the most useful as there are just so many to choose from.


  19. Baby video monitor – we can sit downstairs and not worry with the monitor on. Of course, we know if anything is needed with the monitor’s help

  20. Most definitely my Highchair, my little men love it. It has made them much more experimental with food and I don’t need to worry about the mess they may make.

  21. I’m pregnant with my first child, so not specifically a baby product, but I have found the DreamGenii pillow to be really helpful and comfy for supporting my bump at night, and I suspect it will be really great for nursing as well!

  22. My baby is not here yet but so far my most treasured posession has been my Dreamgenii pillow. I am struggling with back pain and this provides much needed relief in bed, on the sofa…infact if I could get away with taking it to work I would!

  23. With all three of my girls I have to say that my medulla breast pump has taken a little stress out of breastfeeding especially when it been tough going.

  24. baby sling, my baby suffered from bad reflux for the first 3 months of her life, she only settled in her sling, it worked like magic!

  25. Wet wipes! And yes I agree Top and Tail Bowl is one of the many pointless items.. I never used my baby bath either (the sink was easier!)

  26. Definately the nursing pillow used it for sleeping to get comfortable when I was heavily pregnant.. used it in the car for my back. And then of course fab for baby to sit up against xxx

  27. Baby bouncer/chair, it gives you a chance to get things done knowing your child is safely fastening in while happy at the same time x

  28. with my first I bought a chicco seat that fits on a normal chair so baby can sit at the table which I used just to take round to grandparents etc but with the new baby that’s on her way i’ll be using it in place of a highchair as it was brill :-D

  29. my grandson regularly stays overnight and I wouldn’t be without with his swinging chair, it plays soothing lullabys and has lights etc on this entertains him till he falls asleep, its the best thing I have ever bought :)

  30. Our best buy was the Fisher Price Soothe and Glow seahorse . When my little one was a baby it really did help to get him off to sleep and hopefully it will have the same effect on our next addition who is due in May :-)

  31. The best baby product is my changing bag, so useful when out as I don’t like to lay him down on surfaces that could be unhygienic this is light portable and gives me peace of mind

  32. nappy sacks and the little pots you store a measure of powdered milk in ready to add to a bottle of boiled water when you are out :)

  33. Nursing Pillow – Or alternately a nice pillow in general, and a sitting aid.
    I couldn’t agree more with the top and tail bowls being useless.
    Though now 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd I’m still thinking I need everything the shops sell!

  34. The Motorola MBP28 Digital Video Baby Monitor was recommended to us by my Brothers wife.

    It was a good bargain from Argos and very reliable and compact

  35. I’m currently pregnant at the moment so this prize would be absolutely amazing! There are so many fabulous ‘gadgets’ and aids for new parents that it seems to be hard to choose what will come in most valuable and indespensible!

  36. My best product I bought was my baby monitor which has the breathing monitor on it. It allows me to sleep as it has an alarm if anything should go wrong x

  37. either my angel care nappy bin -keeps those smells locked in!! or my angel care sensor pad monitor – kept me sane in the early days!!

  38. I am a Granny wth a new Grandson due in a few weeks and I think the baby carrier car seats are so usefull to avoid waking a sleeping baby, I wsh they were around when my kids wee babies lol

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