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The food that’s on offer at a festival can make or break your experience, and luckily things have moved on a lot since the days of grey burgers and bacon baguettes being the only things on offer. Restaurant brands have cottoned onto the huge festival market and some have vans that they take to the big festivals to cook and sell their food from. Camp Bestival 2013 got a huge thumbs up from me, when it came to food (you can read my full review here). There was just SO much choice of festival food that suited both grown ups (who may have needed some tasty carbs to soak up the Pimm’s and beer) and the smalls (who needed some healthy stuff to counter balance the chips and ice cream they no doubt had been guzzling).

One of the food highlights at Camp Bestival 2012 was the Wagamama Lounge. Part restaurant, part music experience, they served yaki soba as well as properly good music mixed by superstar DJs Grandmaster Flash, David Rodigan MBE and The Nextmen.

Wagamama Lounge, Camp Bestival 2013


Watching this video has transported me back to Lulworth Castle in an instant. And it’s made me REALLY crave some noodley goodness. If you’ve been wondering whether Camp Bestival is for you, and you’re trying to decide whether to book tickets for Camp Bestival 2014, take a look at the video for a flavour (sorry) of festival fun …



This post was kindly sponsored by Wagamama.

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