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Earlier this week, I bought the DVD of Disney movie Tangled for my toddler. She is obsessed with Toy Story, Monsters Inc, A Bug’s Life and Madagascar at the moment, so I thought introducing her to a Disney princess would be fun. While watching it with her (I may have enjoyed it) I found myself getting a bit stressed out at Rapunzel’s long hair – it trails behind her and she throws it around like she’s an ariel fabric acrobat. ‘Eek!’ I thought. ‘It’s going to get so knotted!’ before realising that a) it’s just a cartoon and b) it’s happened – I’ve become a mum who is obsessed with my child having neat hair.

It’s just SUCH a battle to brush my two-year-old’s barnet. We bought a Tangle Teezer, which helps a bit but sometimes she even refuses to let us near her with it because she doesn’t like the tugging on her hair knots.

Enter those clever people at Love Boo (formerly known as Boo Boo) who have recently launched a kids’ haircare range. And it is just brilliant. I bought some a month ago from John Lewis and it’s taken the stress out of brushing my todder’s hair. In a bid to share the joy, I asked Love Boo to give away some products and they’ve given me two sets of the haircare range – the Natural Soft & Shiny Shampoo (£8.99), the Natural Soft & Shiny Conditioner (£8.99) and the No More Knots Detangling Spray (£8.99). All of Love Boo’s products are paraben-free, smell gorgeous and have beautiful packaging so they look cute in the bathroom too.

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  1. olivia kirby says

    When I was little, I loved tractors, now, I’m not so keen…guess you’d call me an EX-Tractor Fan.
    Boom Boom x

  2. Issie says

    2 fleas are in the airing cupboard. How can you tell which one’s in the army??

    The one on the tank!!

  3. Lisa says

    A farmer walked in on his neighbouring farmer in his barn doing a strip tease in front of the tractor. “What on earth are you doing Bob?” he asked him, “well”, replied Bob ” I’ve been having problems in bed with the wife and I went to the doctor for some advice and he told me to do something sexy to attract her”

  4. Helen Porter says

    when any one ever says to my dad put the kettle on he always walks back in with the kettle on his head he has for years and it makes me laugh!

  5. Kay panayi says

    Why did the monkey fall out the tree?
    He was asleep
    Why did the next monkey fall out the tree?
    He thought it was a game

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