Three Toys My Toddler Would LOVE

1. 1000 Stickers from Djeco

Originally spotted on Bambino Goodies, my sticker-obsessed daughter would have kittens over this book of 1000 stickers. There are animals, characters, dress up knights and pirates, flowers, numbers, letters, balloons, cars and all, apparently great quality so easy to stick, peel off and stick again. Perfect for long journeys.

1000 Stickers for toddlers


2. Le Toy Van Toaster Set

We already have the Le Toy Van tea set (after seeing it reviewed on Molly’s blog) and as well as being uber-cute, it has survived a lot of bashing and throwing around. Our toddler, Grace, loves helping us make toast in the mornings, sticking the knife into the butter and trying her hardest to spread it evenly on the toast. So this toy toaster set would tickle her and she’d love playing at making toast.

Toaster Set For Toddlers


3. Janod Crazy Faces Magnetibook

I hadn’t heard of Janod until a friend told me her three year old son had been given a Magnetibook for his birthday and just loved it. They come in different themes but this Crazy Faces book looks the most fun to me. Using the magnetic lid of the book, you create the faces shown on each card. Hours of fun, non?

Janod Magnetibook for toddlers

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13 thoughts on “Three Toys My Toddler Would LOVE

    • I was such a plastic toy lover for the first year of my child’s life, but now I’m a wooden toy fan!

    • They’re a really nice design, aren’t they? Some stickers are so twee, but these ones are cool.

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