5 Reasons I Love Polarn O. Pyret

1. It’s a Swedish company – and as everyone knows, Sweden and Swedish things are so en vogue at the moment. Forget about pallid looking meatballs and bright blue eyeshadow (yes, Agnetha and Frida, I’m looking at you), now we’re talking Swedish Hasbeens shoes, we’re talking cool cardboard market stalls, we’re talking amazing kids’ clothing by brands like Polarn O. Pyret.

2. Their clothes are unisex. I love a bit of pink (as a child, all I wanted was a pink bedroom. It was my dream. But my room had an ORANGE carpet, and pink was never going to go with that. So I settled with peach. Peach = a poor man’s pink) but I also really dig the idea of kids just being able to wear whatever the heck they like. Boys can wear pink. Girls can wear blue and green. I extend that thought to toys too. My daughter has a toy kitchen, but if we ever have a boy (*shudders at the thought of having another child*), he’ll play with it too. So Polarn O. Pyret’s ethos of “We aim to make the world’s best coat , t-shirt and sun hat. Who wears what – and what colours – is up to you” rocks, in my book.

3. Their clothes are pretty much (genuinely) some of the best, quality-wise, I’ve ever seen. The turquoise top and pink leggings we have (below) are such thick, hard-wearing cotton, that I can’t ever see them going out of shape after months of summer-wear and endless spins around the washing machine.

Summer outfit from Polarn O. Pyret

4. I’m a fan of a nice print, and there are plenty of those on the Polarn O. Pyret website – they’re best-known for a classic stripe (a striped jersey was the first garment they ever made and sold, back in 1976), but they also have spots, florals and fun stuff like robots and cars.

Polarn O. Pyret clothes for kids

5. For a quality brand like this, the prices aren’t astronomical. Phew. Tees start at £7.50 and decent trousers and dresses start at the £20-mark. In my book, they sit in that ‘lovely to buy now and again, to mix in with cheaper stuff, and brilliant to buy as a present for someone’ category.

If you’ve never shopped at Polarn O. Pyret, this might be what tempts you there – one reader will win a £50 voucher for the store. Enter using the competition widget below – good luck!
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Polarn O.Pyret kindly sent an outfit to me, for the purpose of this post, but all opinions are my own.

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40 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Polarn O. Pyret

  1. Love the fashion posts on your blog! Always giving me new ideas of how to spruce up my outfits (and I went and bought a statement necklace!)


  2. Absolutely love Polarn Alison, what did you get? – esp love that blue top you’ve posted, and unlike most other kids stores their sizes come up on the larger size, meaning they last for longer. Swedish hasbeens on order for the summer – clipity clop and I’ll be ensuring I’m the dancing queen when I meet Agnetha in May. Whoop. xx

    • The blue top and pink trousers are the items they sent me, Fiona. LOVE that you’re going to meet Agnetha! Get that blue eyeshadow on.

  3. Your article on Top Tips Travelling with a toddler is very useful, especially the point about introducing distractions at regular intervals. I will definitely try this with my granddaughter.

  4. When You Feel Like A Big Fat Failure As A Working Mum – totally relate to this! Like your family life posts (I’m nosey!) :-)

  5. Awww how can I have a fave! I am enjoying your one about the decline of teen mags – infact I might just comment on it!

    Emma x (@beachpebble)

  6. We love them here! Wouldn’t have survived early walking on wooden floors without their mocassin slippers, especially with the elastic over the foot to keep them on!

  7. Love their stuff. My boy grew out of his amazing polar suit from them way too fast! It was a sad day! Will have to look for summer items now.

  8. I love your post about teen mags! I used to collect so many magazines as a teenager and would spend hours reading them. it makes me sad that they are not as popular anymore

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