30 Things To Do Before You’re 3

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While in Scotland over Christmas, my mum left a print-out in our bedroom for us to find (along with cuttings from the local newspaper on people I went to school with and a broadsheet interview with Henry Holland who I used to work with). Taken from Scottish Government website Play Talk Read, it was an amazing list called 30 Things To Do Before You’re 3. I love lists like this. It gives parents ideas of things to do and reassures you that the silly things you do with your toddler are, actually, meaningful and worthwhile…


1. Feed the birds

2. Dig out your wellies, jump in a puddle and make a splash!

3. Make a foot/hand print


toddlers, sandcastles, beach, Godstone Farm

5. Catch a snowflake

6. Take part in a treasure hunt and collect sticks, stones and leaves

7. Play hide & seek

8. Pull a silly face in the mirror

9. Play peek-a-boo

10. Sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’

11. Build a secret den – throw a sheet over a table or chairs for a new space to play in!

Toddler, fun, PlayDoh, 30 Things To Do Before You're 3


13. Get busy in the kitchen– create a clown face with fruit or help dad with some rock cakes

14. Take a trip to the park and go down the slide frontwards and backwards


toddler, library, 30 things to do before you're 3


16. Pretend you are your favourite superhero

17. Burst-a-Bubble (download the free app from playtalkread.org)

18. Get noisy and make your own drum kit with pots and pans

19. Plant a seed and watch something grow

20. See a creepy crawly up close

21. Visit a castle

22. Climb on an adult for a piggy back/horsey ride

23. Have a laugh in the bath getting playful with soap and suds

24. See how many different animal noises you can make

Toddler drawing, 30 Things To Do Before You're 3

26. Do the hokey cokey

27. Spot a plane in the sky

28. Do the actions to Incy Wincy Spider

29. Spot and chase your own shadow

30. Build a tower and knock it down


My two year old has done 17 of these, and we’ve got nine months to tick the remaining 13 off her list before she turns 3. Think we’ll start this weekend by making a den. Do you have a toddler? How many have they done?




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24 thoughts on “30 Things To Do Before You’re 3

  1. Proud parenting moment as I realise my toddler’s done 26 of these things – maybe I’m not such a failure after all! Better start saving now though, as the only way I can see her doing the snowflake one is a holiday somewhere snowy in the next 6 months. Damn.

    • Fantastic!
      Hmm maybe you could make paper snowflakes and throw them in the air to catch? It was actually snowing one day last week when we were in Scotland so we could have ticked that one off the list ourselves then!

  2. Ahhh my daughter was 3 October just gone and we have done them all! Quite a lot of them more than once! Feeling like more of a fun mummy now! :-)

  3. Cute! Our kiddo has about a month to go before she’s 3. If you count that big green dinosaurs are her “super hero” then she’s done most of these. Not all, though! Hard to find snowflakes and castles in Southern California, but we will try this weekend for snow.

  4. Well, we’ve done 19 of those — 20 if you count the bouncy castle at the local Canada Day festivities. :) Our daughter will be 3 in February. Looks like we’ll need to plan a treasure hunting expedition, and several other activities as well…

  5. I just love this list…my daughter is 3 1/2 and has done many of these things…my 8 month old will have a ball as well! Too bad we can’t have sweet lists like this for each age!!

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  7. Wow, I can’t believe we have done 28 of these. And to think I worry that I don’t play with my girls enough. Our current FAVOURITE thing is making dens. All the time. That and watching The Sound of Music. Love this list, Alison. Great post x
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  8. Thanks for this post we’d done 29 and this gave us the push to get round to visiting carlisle castle yesterday :) my little girl loved it and we got loads of cute photos!

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